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SECURITIES BROKER - Equities, Bonds, Derivatives

TFS works with clients (individuals and institutions), engaging in a series of fiduciary relationships requiring it to put clients’ financial good ahead of the company’, while striving to make profit for the firm. As securities broker we contact or are contacted by potential clients. We explain what services TFS offers and, when a client opens an account, offer advice on the purchase of particular securities.

With clients’ permission, we purchase or sell securities on the clients’ behalf. TFS then monitors the financial markets, watching the performance of clients’ securities. We may contact a client with additional recommendations to buy or sell securities.

We also keep a close eye on the cost of and revenue generated by clients. TFS mandate execution policy stipulates 24hours performance standard for all mandates failing which feedback to the client must occur. Similarly, the company’s payment policy indicates a 24-hour period from trade settlement.

Portfolio Management

TFS makes decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, and balancing risk against performance threats in the choice of debt vs. equity within the domestic market. We strive to balance growth vs. safety, and to maximize return at a given appetite for risk of individuals and institutions.

TFS process is develops a written agreement (Investment Policy Statement or IPS) that takes into account clients’ specific needs. Each IPS is the basis upon which TFS selects an appropriate mix of investments and makes discretionary adjustments. We meet with clients at least quarterly to ensure the IPS is up to date and reflects clients’ current needs. Our management fees are charged to source quarterly.

Share Transmission

TFS provides support services to the legal representative of a deceased member for transmission of interest in shares, by operation of law. When TFS makes contact or are contacted by potential beneficiaries we request to see Certified copy of death certificate, Probate/Letter of Administration and other relevant documents before accepting to hold an initial meeting.

We direct prospects to appropriate professionals where documents are not available. TFS reviews and verifies the documents submitted, then processes transmission request and accompanies beneficiary to the Registrars who approve the transmission request and register the shares in the name of the survivor or legal heir as the case may be. Buy/Sell/Stock transfer mandates then follow. TFS charges management fees for support services and also earns brokerage commission from transactions, if any. The process of share transmission takes several months.

Financial/Investment Advisory

We offer investment products and services tailored to corporate clients,financial institutions, governments, agencies and the like. At TFS, we know that your business is unique, therefore we always look for ways to help you acquire the most attractive stock options, to help maintain your financial stability.

We monitor the markets for initial public offerings, public offerings of previously private companies, mergers and acquisitions and apply as Stockbrokers to the issues. We also look forward to advising businesses and encourage listing. 1% fee income is earned on all returns made directly through TFS, apart from negotiated fees for particular services.


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